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Bookkeeping for every organization, from small businesses to large corporations, can be a very time consuming. Business Solutions D&A specializes in providing these services to small and medium sized businesses that would not normally retain a full time accounting clerk.
Our professional accountants follow closely GAAP guidelines to insure the quality and the efficiency of the books. We offer a complete bookkeeping process, from compiling original source documents to final Income statement and balance sheet.  
Our wide array of services includes:

Business Solutions D&A Ltd. consultants can help you plan, grow and structure your business. We are known for our straightforward approach to solving our clients’ most complex business challenges. We work hand-in-hand with clients to improve business performance, drive shareholder value and create competitive advantage

Under an agreement between the federal and Québec governments, Revenue Québec is responsible for administering the GST/HST in Québec.

Consequently, we are work with Revenue Québec to receive and process the applications for GST/HST registration of all persons carrying on a commercial activity in Québec.

At Business Solutions D&A Ltd, we can review the financial statements you submit to us, and issue an opinion on the plausibility of your financial position and business operations.

Reviewing engagements tends to require significantly less work than audits, mainly because the assurance provided is lower. A review primarily consists of enquiry, analytical procedures and discussions related to information that you provide. We then assess whether the details you have given are plausible for your business.

We thrive on bringing things together – numbers, books, and plans for the future. Trust us to pull together your financial results, present them professionally in easily readable formats, and give you the specific information you need to make smart business decisions, fast. We put it together and you reap the rewards of complete and straightforward financial affairs.

Like many business managers and owners, you may increasingly be turning to your accountant for business consultancy and advice as well as business management. Whatever your needs—financial statement preparation, complex accounting, tax compliance and advice, business planning, wealth management, or raising funds you expect your advisers to be able to add real value to your business. Our real world view means that our advice is practical and appropriate for your business. We’re out there with you, and we’ll deliver what we promise.